2017-2018 Electricity Supply Program 

The Retailers Association of Massachusetts (RAM) has teamed up with electricity broker Freedom Energy Logistics (FEL) and electricity supplier REP Energy LLC (REP) to offer RAM members a 12 month Fixed Rate Electric Price from November 2017 through November 2018. 

This fixed rate program is designed to protect you against unexpected price fluctuations commonly experienced in the electricity market.  This allows members to confidently budget their annual electricity costs.  While the program’s offer price is competitive, RAM cannot guarantee it will be the lowest price option available to you.

Prior to enrolling in this offer, members are advised to first check that they are not currently under a long term electricity supply contract with an expiration date beyond October 2017.  Enrolling in the RAM sponsored program while still under contract may result in you incurring early termination fees.

Members currently enrolled in last year's RAM offering, your current contract WILL NOT automatically renew.  If you are interested in securing guaranteed pricing through November 2018 you will have to sign-up for this new offer.   


Term Length on Below Offered Rates is November 2017- November 2018

Utility Load Zone Stable Rate Offer/ Cents per kWh
Eversource and National Grid NEMA|SEMA|WCMA $.113 / kWh


 To get started with these great rates you will need to provide us with

  1. copy of your recent electric bill; 
  2. a completed and signed copy of the REP Energy LLC Business Electricity Authorization form.  Please note that by signing the Business Electricity Authorization form you are also agreeing to the included Terms of Service (pages 2-6).  Members are strongly advised to review the applicable Terms of Service before submitting their application;
  3. If applicable, you will also need to submit an updated Sales Tax Exemption Form ST 13.  For more information on whether your business is eligible for a Sales Tax Exemption on your energy supply purchase click here.

Please send all documents to RAM via email to Ryan Kearney at rkearney@retailersma.org  or fax to (617)-523-4321 no later than Friday, October 6, 2017 to apply for the above listed rate.  Applications may be submitted after this deadline but will be quoted on a case by case basis at the then available market rate. 

 All questions may be directed to the RAM office at 617-523-1900.