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As the active voice of the retailing community, RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy. RAM's staff of registered lobbyists remains keenly engaged in the debate and discussion on both the legislative and regulatory fronts with regard to all issues that impact the retail community. RAM breaks down the issues so you can clearly see the potential impact they could have on your business.

Member Alert: Gov. Baker's Health Care Tax on Employers 


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Healthcare Is An Expense Problem, A Law Problem, Not a Revenue Problem

ObamaCare (ACA) is under the microscope for repeal and replacement this year in Washington DC.  And here in Boston, yet another state commission on healthcare provider prices is grappling with the fact that in the 11 years since we passed RomneyCare, our healthcare costs have annually increased about 4 times the rate of inflation.  Unfortunately for Main Street, those increases haven’t been spread equally either—small businesses and their employees have seen far higher premium increases than those experienced by big business or big government programs. 

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Free e-Training for Members

RAM is pleased to offer social media and e-commerce training to retailers throughout the state of Massachusetts. The training is free for employers and employees whose organization pays into the state Workforce Development Fund. All for-profit employers with payroll employees in Massachusetts contribute to the Workforce Training Fund.  Some nonprofit organizations with payroll employees in Massachusetts contribute to the Workforce Training Fund, but others do not.

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How Will the Proposed Medicaid Tax on Employers Impact You?

In order to battle this job killing, anti-small business Medicaid Bailout Tax, please help the business community by taking this vital survey.  This will be absolutely confidential, but the data we collect will be important for our efforts up on Beacon Hill and in the public.  The survey will only take a few minutes, but your support will arm us in this battle.  Thank you for your time and important contribution to the survey!

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Contact your Legislators & Governor Baker Regarding the Proposed Employer Health Care Tax

All RAM members are encouraged to review your plans and policies and run the numbers to see what, if any, tax penalty you would owe under this troubling proposal.  Please download our online calculator to determine whether your company will be subject to the assessment.   Share that information with us, with your legislators, and with the Governor’s office.  RAM is working with others in the employer community to vigorously this new tax, but your input is critical. 

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