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As the active voice of the retailing community, RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy. RAM's staff of registered lobbyists remains keenly engaged in the debate and discussion on both the legislative and regulatory fronts with regard to all issues that impact the retail community. RAM breaks down the issues so you can clearly see the potential impact they could have on your business.

State House Update: The Fall Agenda


Six Outstanding Retailers Awarded at 2017 RAM Annual Meeting and RAMAE Luncheon

We created the RAMAE’s 20 years ago as a way to shine a light on the hidden jewels of the retail industry here in Massachusetts.  It is vital to recognize those innovators that are doing it the right way for their customers, and to also hold them up as beacons for others to follow. Our 2017 winners are leading the way in our industry in these increasingly challenging times.

2017 RAMAE Winners

National Report Shows ORC and Return of Stolen Merchandise on the Rise

report recently released by the National Retail Federation found that organized retail crime (ORC) and return fraud continue to be on the rise across the country. This troubling news for the retail industry and honest consumers came just days after the Massachusetts House of Representatives agreed with the Senate to increase the felony threshold found in a number of the state’s property crimes which are commonly utilized by retailers, law enforcement and prosecutors to curtail such professional criminal behavior. In light of these findings during the holiday shopping season, the Legislature should strongly reconsider finalizing these changes to the felony thresholds.  

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IRS Sending Out 2015 ACA Tax Penalty Assessment Letters

In mid-November, a number of employers across the country and here in Massachusetts began receiving letters from the IRS notifying them that they owed significant tax penalties for calendar year 2015 due to non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The letters include calculations of what the IRS has determined the employer owes in an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP).

Under the ACA, if an employer has at least 50 full-time employees (including full-time equivalents) during the prior year, the employer is subject to the employer shared responsibility provisions and reporting requirements. For years, the employer mandate was not enforced, until now.

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How are your holiday sales progressing?

In an effort to adequately monitor and report on this year's retail holiday sales figures we periodically asked RAM members to provide us with sales gain/loss numbers over a same period one year ago.
This first 3 question survey is focused on November sales. Please check back and provide us your updated numbers throughout the holiday season.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us your holiday sales results. 

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Retail Association Multiple Employer 401k Retirement Plan Benefit 

Providing a retirement plan for your employees is not without its challenges. Access to the expertise and experience you need may seem beyond the financial reach of your business. In fact, that's just one reason why 86% of employers with less than 100 employees don't offer retirement plans to their workforce. And if you do have a plan, you know how expensive and time consuming it is.

RAM now has an option for members who currently have a 401k plan as well an option for members who want to create a 401k.

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