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As the active voice of the retailing community, RAM represents members and their interests before all branches of state government in an effort to protect, preserve and promote the thriving retail sector of the Massachusetts economy. RAM's staff of registered lobbyists remains keenly engaged in the debate and discussion on both the legislative and regulatory fronts with regard to all issues that impact the retail community. RAM breaks down the issues so you can clearly see the potential impact they could have on your business.

State House Update: The Fall Agenda


RAM Pulls Sales Tax Ballot Question, Accepts “Grand Bargain” Compromise - $15, Paid Family/Medical Leave, Sunday/Holiday Premium Pay Repeal, Annual Sales Tax Holiday

Find out why, and what’s in it

RAM to co-host a series of regional forums. This is your opportunity to learn about the final package and how it will impact your business. Following the presentation, there will be time for questions on how best to prepare your business for the new law, some of which goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

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Changes Coming: Internet Sales Tax, $15, Paid Leave, Sunday Pay Repeal - Why We Took The Deal

This week, after 20 years of RAM work on sales tax fairness, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the future of our Main Streets by overturning the 1992 Quill decision on remote seller tax collection and remittance.  The South Dakota v Wayfair decision is important and welcomed as it will seek to end unequal application of state government imposed sales taxes.  Here in Massachusetts, we have always had the “New Hampshire problem,” but we also have a very tech savvy consumer, all too likely to send their vital discretionary dollars out of our local economy, to tax free sellers easily found right on their smart phones.  Thus for many years, local stores have had two strikes against them as tax free competitors have proliferated. 

Although the NH problem won’t be fixed, this decision certainly contains the competitive damage of tax free internet sellers.  RAM will be working closely with the Department of Revenue and our Beacon Hill leaders in the days to come to make sure as much as possible is done to create a fair marketplace and a level taxation playing field for sellers of all types.     

While the Wayfair case is a clear win for our membership, cost mitigation is a better description of the so-called “Grand Bargain” which is now on the Governor’s desk.  Presumably it will be signed into law before the July 3 signature submission deadline for ballot initiative sponsors—including RAM’s own sales reduction tax measure. 

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 2018 Marks RAM's 100 Year Anniversary

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As we reflect on our past and begin to embark on our next century of serving the retail industry, we want to learn the histories of the businesses we represent. Some of our members have been in business as long as we have, and we want to know about them.
The cover of the January/February edition of the Retail Review featured the Union Oyster House—the oldest restaurant in Boston founded in 1826. The March/ April issue featured  Rocky's Hardware store in Springfield which opened in 1926 and the May/June issue highlights, M. Steinert & Sons in Boston which opened in 1896.
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RAM Applauds as MA House of Representatives Endorses 2018 Sales Tax Holiday

The Massachusetts House on Tuesday adopted a broad Economic Development bill that includes language calling for a Sales Tax Holiday weekend this August 11th and 12th, 2018. The House voted 127-18 in favor of the tax-free weekend when, as in past years, the 6.25% sales tax will be waived on most items priced $2500 or less.

The bill now moves to the Senate, where it is expected to be taken up within the next two weeks.

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Betsy Montgomery, co-owner of Pretty Poppy and RAM member, recently spoke to us about owning a small business. She has valuable advice to anyone looking to become a business owner.

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