RAM Loss Prevention Committee

The RAM Loss Prevention Committee is comprised of industry experts, loss prevention professionals and law enforcement. By networking and sharing information, we arm ourselves with the knowledge to stop loss before it occurs or prevent it from happening again.

The Committee is run by a 6 member Board and has over 150 participants. The RAM LP Committee meets quarterly to discuss relevant LP topics and share information. Click here for meeting notices.

The Committee hosts the Annual New England Loss Prevention Expo. Our goal is to broaden our network and open the lines of communication between retailers, law enforcement and policy makers.  To make a difference in our stores and push a common agenda that addresses shortfalls in our state and federal laws.

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 RAM Announces Partnership with New England Loss Prevention Advisory Group.  

Click here for guest articles from NELPAG.

The New England Organized Retail Crime Alliance (NEORCA) is a group or retailers who partnered with law enforcement aimed at reducing property crimes, keeping shoppers safer and lessening their chances of becoming victims. NEORCA was formed after law enforcement and corporate retail partners throughout New England realized the need to combine efforts to combat the growing problem of Organized Retail Crime (ORC).  This website was developed to allow NEORCA members to share intelligence relating to the businesses and communities we serve.  This shared information includes, but is not limited to, crimes of organized theft, robberies, counterfeiting, check and credit card fraud, prescription fraud, identity theft and other scams.  In short, any type of organized crime may be shared through this site.

Articles for RAM members that don't have an LP staff.

Shoplifting Awareness: Click here to download slide show. 

 Shoplifting: A Gateway Crime? By Loss Prevention Media


If you are interested in joining the Committee,

please contact Ryan Kearney, RAM General Counsel,

at 617-523-1900 or [email protected].