Workers' Compensation

The Massachusetts Retail Merchants Workers’ Compensation Group was created to allow small businesses to join together to save money on their workers’ compensation insurance.  The Group has been in existence for 30 years and has saved its members in excess of $141 million over that time.  Today there are more than 4,000 members in the Group.

If your current workers’ compensation premium is $1,100 or more, joining the Group offers you a significant savings. How can that be? To start, the Group charges no expense constant and provides all members, regardless of size, with the same up-front discounts – AND annual dividend payments.

Join your fellow RAM members and save money in a program designed specifically for your business.  The Group is for retailers, restaurants and auto services. It’s administered by Cove Risk Services, LLC and a Board of Directors composed of fellow RAM members. This program gives you more control, lower costs, and the most exceptional service possible. Most important, the profits are returned to the members.

Read more from our members HERE in a special publication celebrating the Group’s 25 Year History.

Massachusetts Retail Merchants Workers’ Compensation Group, Inc.

To request a quote from our administrator, Cove Risk, please click here or call 800-790-8877.

If you are looking for a broker or you are a broker interested in learning more about our program and how to become an authorized broker, please contact the RAM office at 617.523.1900.