The Retailers Association of Massachusetts Health Insurance Cooperative (RAMHIC) is the Association’s program designed to reduce health insurance costs for its small business members. Authorized by state law, RAMHIC utilizes the increased purchasing power of the RAM membership to negotiate with health insurance carriers to obtain and offer discounted health insurance coverage. The 2021 discount for all plans purchased through RAMHIC is set at 3%. RAMHIC also assists members and their employees to reduce overall health care costs through comprehensive wellness programming designed to create a healthier and more educated consumer of health care.

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As a small business group purchasing cooperative regulated by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, RAMHIC has established rules which reflect both the governing law, and our vision for success. To join and retain membership in RAMHIC, businesses must meet the following criteria:
  • Retail Industry Employer - must be an employer within the retail, restaurant or wholesale sectors of the retail industry,
  • Member of Participating Trade Association - must be a member of either the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Package Store Association or Northeastern Retail Lumber Association,
  • Small Business - workforce must consist of 50 or fewer eligible employees.  Please note that this threshold does not necessarily refer to your total number of employees but rather your eligible employees only. Eligible employees are those who work 30 or more hours per week and who have been hired for an intended period of not less than five months.
  • Wellness Participation - must promote the RAMHIC wellness program to your employees and their families and agree that 50% of the individuals covered by RAMHIC will participate in the wellness program. (Failure to maintain a participation rate of 50% may result in non-renewal at the next plan year),
  • Sign Membership  Agreement - must sign a RAMHIC membership agreement, which outlines the rules and potential administration and wellness program fees required by RAMHIC,
  • Three  Year  Waiting  Period - must not have withdrawn from or have been terminated from RAMHIC or another state-certified cooperative in the past 3 years.

Download RAMHIC Frequently Asked Questions.

Steps To Apply - Plan Options - Rate Quotes

1. Contact Carrier or have your broker request a quote

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

2. Fill out the RAMHIC membership enrollment forms

3. Submit completed documents to RAM

All documents must be completed and submitted back to RAM via email at [email protected], by fax: 617-523-4321 or standard mail to 18 Tremont Street, Suite 810, Boston, MA 02108.


Wellness Participation

Businesses enrolled in RAMHIC are required to maintain a wellness participation rate of 50% of their covered employees.  Covered employees shall satisfy this requirement by participating in the wellness program offered as part of the insurance carrier—Healthy Actions for Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA.

Specific program participation requirements may be found in section 9 of the RAMHIC member agreement.

Wellness Promotional Materials 

BCBSMA's Healthy Actions: instructional flyer for employee registration

Additional Savings through Healthy Actions

Healthy Actions also offers covered employees significant financial incentives for participating in the program thus making it easier for businesses to meet RAMHIC’s wellness participation requirement. In addition, Healthy Actions also provides businesses the opportunity to earn additional year end savings (up to 7.5%) based on the percentage of covered employees participating in wellness. Click here to learn more.


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