Retail Association Multiple Employer 401k Retirement Plan

Providing a retirement plan for your employees is not without its challenges. Access to the expertise and experience you need may seem beyond the financial reach of your business. In fact, that's just one reason why 86% of employers with less than 100 employees don't offer retirement plans to their workforce. And if you do have a plan, you know how expensive and time consuming it is

RAM is proud to announce our newest member benefit -  the Retail Association 401(k) Plan and Trust. We are the first association to offer a multi-employer 401K retirement plan in the state of Massachusetts.  Our program will provide you with a superior retirement plan, with potential cost savings, and you'll spend less time with plan administration.

When you become part of the Retail Association 401k Plan and Trust, you get a powerful partner with strong resources, and you can keep your own resources focused on reacting to and taking advantage of the latest marketing trends.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the program by John Heise, the investment fiduciary of the Alliance of State Retail Associations 401k Plan, a Multiple Employer Retirement plan (MEP) offered through RAM. John is an expert in the field of employer sponsored retirement plans and serves as investment fiduciary to many small to mid-size businesses throughout New England. Our intent of this interview is to provide our members and prospective members some basic information regarding our retirement plan solution, so they can have a better sense of why we are excited about this program.


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